I have seen people try to analyze Raleigh’s fighting style in this scene

and I just sit here


muttering to myself

"It’s not Raleigh’s fighting style."

#Even with a ton of training  #it just wouldn’t be in the hand-to-hand combat lexicon of a six-foot-tall man  #to TUCK HIMSELF INTO A BALL AND SOMERSAULT ON ONE HAND  #in order to take down his opponent.  #This is the technique of a MUCH SMALLER HUMAN BEING.  #Someone who is accustomed to using people’s height and bulk against them  #not someone who already has height and bulk to his advantage.  #I will give you three guesses as to whose technique it actually is.  #HINT: she is standing in the background of the first gif with her fists up  #thinking to herself ‘Do the thing Raleigh. Do the thing.’  #DISCLAIMER: Hannah is not a martial arts expert.  #But this is no fucking joke legit exactly the kind of thing my mom taught me  #about controlling a situation and turning perceived disadvantages into the fucking endgame.  #The year I ran rock camp I asked my parents to teach the self-defense workshop  #and my mom is 5’2 and my dad is 6’2 and at least a hundred pounds heavier  #and she showed every girl at camp how to make themselves into a fulcrum  #and bring down big-ass scary dudes  #and never in my life shall I forget when she asked what other advantages we have  #and a girl held up her drumsticks  #and Mom took one and proceeded to jab it into Dad’s pressure point.  #A FUCKING DRUMSTICK. USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT OKAY.  #This got hella rambly but suffice it to say that I am  #and always shall be  #stanning Mako Mori 5ever.  #OKAY ONE MORE THING  #THIS IS THE KIND OF MOVE THAT COULD SNAP A BONE  #IF YOU DO IT JUST A TINY BIT WRONG  #BUT RALEIGH DIDN’T  #HIS ONLY OTHER NON-JAEGER FIGHT SCENE WAS CUT FROM THE MOVIE AND INVOLVED HIM SLAMMING A GUY’S HEAD INTO A BEER CAN 

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